Hexagon Plinth Set Bulk Pricing

Hexagon Plinth Set Bulk Pricing

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Our hexagon plinths are used in special events to enhance your decorations. We manufacture our display plinths in-house from high-quality acrylics.  

Order one of our standard sets of round plinths and get 10% off!


Set A of 3 Plinths: 1x(18"Dx36"H), 1x(16"Dx30"H), 1x(16"x24"H).

Set B of 3 Plinths: 1x(18"Dx36"H), and 2x(16"Dx30"H).

Set C of 5 Plinths: 1x(18"Dx36"H), and 2x(16"Dx30"H), and 2x(16"Dx24"H).


If you have any other requests in terms of material, size, or design, please let us know via email: sales@nextgendisplays.ca. We will provide a quotation and do our best to bring those ideas to life!

Production & Shipping

Please note hexagon plinths take 5 - 7 business days to produce.

Cleaning & Aftercare

A mild soap and water solution is recommended to clean products. Please do not use cleaning chemicals on acrylic items, as this will cause damage to the acrylic.